Universal Skeletal Anchorage System

TADS are made of surgical stainless steel so that they are strong enough to withstand the force of insertion regardless of the torque applied in the highest density bone of the maxilla and mandible.

Beyond the limits

Our products are the result of the latest technology meeting the highest quality standards. They allow us to innovate bio-mechanics, achieving Orthodontic treatments that were previously beyond our capabilities with conventional techniques.

Unerupted Teeth

Strategies to easily recover uninterrupted teeth, which were in most cases extracted or take a long time to reach their final location, are possible with mini screws in safe and timely manner.

Temporary Anchorage Device


Advantage of Stainless Steel
Versus Other Alloys


Our stainless steel is surgical steel that complies with worldwide quality standards for steel.


The stainless steel we use allows it to be a self-perforating product; this makes the procedure easier for the doctor and patient.

High Density Bone

Stainless steel has the hardness to pierce high-density bone structures, such as those found in the lower jaw and the zygomatic arch.


Stainless steel does not produce the unwanted effect of Osseointegration